I started in the late 1990's writing about projects for my 1979 CJ7 (yes, I still have that CJ7). It is hosted at Angelfire (hello 90's!) and it's still accessable here. Warning, it's ugly and probably has pop-ups and ads that might break the site. I put the site and the Jeep on hiatus in 2003 when my wife gave birth to twins. Around February of 2016 when I decided I was going to buy a new Jeep Wrangler I decided to reboot the website too. At that point I moved the hosting to and wrote all new code by hand. However I'm no HTML wizard so my web pages were all static pages. As traffic increased I knew I wanted a more robust blog type layout to offer things like search and the ability to link to individual blog posts, so I move all the content to Joomla in December 2017. In 2018 I moved the hosting to Rochen.


This site is built using the open source Joomla content management system. It is fantastic, I wish I had discovered it earlier. Joomla is a database driven content management system that is very simple to use, yet very robust and powerful. There is a bit of a learning curve but just watch their excellent tutorial videos and you'll be up and running in just an hour or two.

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These are some extensions and templates I use with Joomla to add functionality:


This site is hosted at Rochen. They cater to Joomla (and other CMS's) so getting up and running is a snap. Although I don't think anybody is as cheap as my previous hosting company, Rochen is priced very competetively, especially if you need email.

This site was hosted at It's been rock-solid performance wise, and I don't think there is anything cheaper out there. I can't recommend NFS highly enough! If you have enough technical knowledge to use it (which is just the basics) you should already be hosting your sites on NFS.

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I use Apple Mac computers for everything. There was a time when I had to defend my choice to use a Mac but now-a-days almost everybody seems to have seen the light and moved to Mac.

For writing code or plain text files I use TextWrangler from Bare Bones software, the makers of the excellent BBEdit.

For FTP I use Forklift.

For SSH I use Terminal


For those who want to run the same setup I have utilising Joomla and there are some things you'll need to know to get it to work. I wrote an article about it here. However maintaining a Joomla site on NFS is a struggle so be prepared to troubleshoot upgrade issues. I eventually decided to move to Rochen because of the work involved in keeping a Joomla site running on NFS.