AUSI fog lights with wiring harness

I've been running the AUSI 4" LED fog lights (Amazon link) since late 2016 and they have been great. They have a very wide beam with respectable foward projection for a fog light. The color temperature of the AUSI foglights is slightly blue, somewhere in the area 5500K. They are not an obnoxious 7000K or anything weird but they are more blue than the VisionX headlights (which I'd say esitmate are around 4800K).

Halo rings

The halo rings are bright and evenly illuminated, more than the VisionX headlights are. On a scale where 0 was 100% isolated dots of light and 10 was the illusion of one white ring with no discernable LED's I'd say the AOSI are about an 8. For comparison I'd say the VisionX halo rings are about a 5 with clearly discernable LED's bridged with a lens that bleeds the light between them.

Beam Pattern

The beam pattern is very wide, I mean it's so wide that the light hits the edges of the cut-out in the stock Jeep bumper. It has a DOT friendly horizontal cut-off so you wont blinding on-coming traffic. They light feature a screw adjuster that allows you to fine tune the aim of the lights which is a nice feature. The adjuster is nearly impossible to reach after the lights are installed so it's beneficial to have your Jeep parked outside on a level surface so you can hold them in the bumper with your hand to dial in the aim before you screw them in. Here is what they look like on my Jeep (without the headlights on).

AUSI beam pattern


These are available from Amazon here.