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A-pillar Switch Pod
A-pillar Switch Pod

This is a piece of crap. The door hits it! Completely unacceptable fit.

A lot of people complain about the texture not matching the factory trim, the fact that you have to cut the switch openings yourself, and that you need to scavange a clip from the stock trim, but all of those complaints pale in comparison to the fact that it simply doesn't fit. This part is available from a slew of venders and brands but I beleive they all come from the same crappy mold since all the reviews have the same complaints. However, this is a GREAT IDEA, it just needs better execution. About $27 wasted.


Daystar switch pod
Daystar switch pod

Daystar Switch Pod (Amazon link): The Daystar switch housing fits the driver's side (in the USA) A-pillar. The fit matches the contour of the stock trim nicely and the size is adequate for wiring. My only complaints are minor, the texture is similar to the Jeep trim but it's not perfect and the plastic anchors seem cheap, however they did a good job for me. It usually costs just under $30.

Bonus, this is made in the USA!


NilIght 20 This is the Nilight 20" 126 watt LED light bar (Amazon link). This is an excellent light. It's as bright as you'd expect, the color temperature is a normal, brilliant white, not a goofy blue. The beam pattern is excellent, projecting the bulk of the light forward but yet having a very wide overall area of illumination. I'm sure there are other lights that are as good as this but the price makes it an amazing value. One drawback, when the light is on it produces interference with the factory radio. I don't know if it will affect an CB radio. This light can be yours for about $30.


 Wild Boar Back Door Handles Wild Boar Back Door Grab Handles (Amazon link): Like the front door grab handles these are well made however I don't think they do a good job solving the problem of making it easier to get in and out of the Jeep. The design puts the handle in a good place but the bar continues across the top of the door opening, reducing the opening height by a couple inches. Nobody wants to hit their head on a steel bar while getting in and out of the Jeep. Perhaps if your family is on the short side you might not find these problematic. These are about $33 a set.


 Wild Board Front Door Handles Wild Boar Front Door Grab Handles (Amazon link): These are a must for anybody with a lifted Jeep. I use them every time I get in and out of my Jeep. They are well made and rock solid. I would give them an A if the screws lined up better with the holes on my Jeep but the driver's side handle was challenging to install. The slight misalignment of the screws made it feel like I was cross-threading them. It's a small issue so don't let that hold you back. A set of these is about $30.


 Tee knob screws These Tee-knob screws (Amazon link) are a convenient little item you can use in place of the factory torx head screws that hold the hardtop. These are especially convenient when a friend is helping you take the top off. Now one of you can do something without needing the tool Jeep provides. My only complaint is that I wish the washers were retained on the bolts, not loose. A set of 6 is about $6.


Nemesis Industries Odyssey Fender Flare in Textered Black PowderCoat   Nemesis Industries Odysssey Fender Flares: These are the best made Jeep accessory I have ever seen. The fit and finish is outstanding. The design is outstanding. The build quality is outstanding. These are hands down the best aftermarket parts on my Jeep.
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